We’ve got you covered.

At CoffeeBean IT Services, we specialize in solutions tailored to suit any Small-to-Medium Business, including, but not limited to, the following:

Tech Support
– Friendly, professional, and down-to-earth, backed with several years of experience providing day-to-day support
– In addition to troubleshooting, we perform hardware and software upgrades, installations and repairs
– From a malfunctioning mouse to server migrations, from virus alerts to the dreaded “blue screen of death”, from Microsoft Office support to Apple product integration – we do it all

Server Management
– Email accounts, staff user accounts, password security, shared and restricted folders, address books, company data backups – we’ll take care of it
– Server health checks and Preventative Maintenance – proactivity is our forte
– How often are your systems given a tune-up to ensure they’re running smoothly, before a problem occurs? Let’s get your systems running smoothly

Mobile Computing and Remote Access
– All things mobile made possible: web-based company email, remote access to the office from your laptop while home or traveling, company email setup on your phone, and more
– Laptops, iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, tablets, smartphones – we support them all

Security and Virus Protection
– Viruses can be crippling to productivity – and worse – can put your business at risk by compromising security
– We provide security auditing, system-wide integrity checks, security updates and virus detection as a matter of course – to keep your systems safe

Data Backups & Disaster Recovery
– How much confidence do you have in your current backup solution?
– In the event of an office disaster – such as fire or flood – how would your IT systems be affected, and how long before they’re back up & running again?
– We provide comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans, which can help minimize the effects of disasters or nullify them altogether

Hardware and Software Sales
– We provide a large range of desktops, laptops, and servers
– Essential software products – from Microsoft Office to MYOB
– Routers, switches, printers, scanners, display monitors, peripherals, and more
– Plus we can install and configure all of the above, making CoffeeBean IT your one-stop sales & services provider

Project Management
– We specialize in server and workstation upgrades – specifically the migration of users, data and apps from old systems to new
– Along with advice on the purchase of new hardware and software, we can plan their integration into your existing network
– We love ad-hoc projects – the range of products we have exposure to means that nothing is too great a challenge

Cloud Computing
– We can help answer the question: is cloud computing the right choice for your company?
– Each environment is different – we can assess and implement the right solution to fit your business model, from Google Apps for Business to Microsoft Office 365 and beyond

Domain Names and Hosting
– Domain management can be daunting for the uninitiated – we can manage your domain name registration, DNS records, webhosting, and domain renewals
– Want more control over your website? In addition to providing the space where your website resides, we can provide the tools to help you manage your own website content and update as often as your require – tools which are as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

Spam Management
– A few minutes each day spent clearing out junk folders can quickly add up across an organization
– We can help reduce the amount of spam your business receives, decrease the load on your mail servers, and free up your time to concentrate on more important endeavours

Internet Connections & Network Management
– Slow Internet speeds and poor local network performance can significantly affect productivity
– We provide network analysis and auditing services to locate bottlenecks and determine exactly what your upgrade options are